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19 juin 2007

The Market, 268 Mulberry St., NYC, NY

Sunday, June 16th, I sold my first collection, The WKND Collection, at The Market:

2006_0811sundayinny0071 2006_0811sundayinny0070 2006_0811sundayinny0073

The WKND Collection: 21 pieces + vintage accessories

2006_0809jewelry0038 2006_0809jewelry0040 2006_0809jewelry0051

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WKND au jour

Pullover style, loose-fitting one-of-a-kind pieces that fit comfortably for daytime wear. Made with cotton fabric in relaxing, pastel colored tones.

2006_0515polkapastel0103 2006_0420dressone0137 2006_0403sewingbasics0056 2006_0515polkapastel0141

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The Home Dress

Pullover style, comfortable, A-line cotton dress with a back tie scoop collar, cap sleeves, and an optional wrap-around belt that ties at the waist.  One size.

Wear over jeans.  Use as a work blouse aound the house.

2006_0515polkapastel0102 2006_0515polkapastel0131 2006_0515polkapastel0145 2006_0420dressone0133

Light blue flowers, blue&white stripes, green leaves&polka dots, pastel polka dots

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The Tank Top

Sleeveless cotton top casually drapes with pleating along a deep scoop, cotton-trimmed neckline.

2006_0515polkapastel0074 2006_0515polkapastel0032 2006_0515polkapastel0087

The Getaway Skirt 

Button-front, A-line skirt can be layered over The Home Dress or worn with The Tank Top to create the perfect outfit for a WKND getaway. 

2006_0425polkapastel0009 2006_0425polkapastel0032 2006_0425polkapastel0027 2006_0515polkapastel0006

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WKND au soir

One-of-a-kind dresses that are loose-fitting and comfortable to wear during the day, but look great enough to wear long into the night. Made with viscose, jersey, or cotton fabric in vibrant colors or bright floral prints.

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The Garden Dress

Pullover style, empire-line, camisole dress with pleats at the waist and a tie-belt. The perfect weekend dress: wear loose-fitted during the day or tied at the waist for a more defined evening look.

2006_0808mvdresses0030 2006_0808mvdresses0002 2006_0808mvdresses0023 summerdress2

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With Vest

The perfect cover-up over The Garden Dress or The Tank Top. Wear when bare-shoulders are not permitted.

2006_0808mvdresses0035 2006_0802house_June_10_20070166 2006_0808mvdresses0031 2006_0802house_June_10_20070169

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